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Linux Data Recovery Software

Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery is Linux recovery software built for recovering the standard Ext2 FS, Ext3 FS & Ext4 FS file system used in both the Linux Operating System and several versions of the UNIX operating system.

Turbo Scan Technology

Disk Doctors Linux Data Recovery Software uses TurboScan™ technology and some adjustable tweaks that provide the fastest Linux data recovery ever built. This Linux recovery software recovers files from faulty logical volumes even when file records (Inode Information) are lost.
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Most Linux OS Supported

These are the supported prevalent distributions Suse Linux, Redhat Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Mandriva Linux, Slackware Linux, Gentoo Linux, Caldera Linux, Kubuntu Linux and many more.
Supported Gadgets
Apple HD Internal Hard Drives
drives External Hard Drives
USB Removeable Media
laptop Desktops
laptop Laptops
camera Windows Servers
memorycard Memory Card
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